Thursday, November 18, 2010


             i met someone..coincidently.. he was my ex-schoolmate.. i didn't recognize him actually..
because his not from my class.. so its hard  for me 2 remember which one is him.. it started when we're joining our primary's school Facebook.. from there we were start chatting n what so ever.. all of us were gathered there..just like a was really fun! i will not regret it.. we were talked about our childhood memories.. just like a flash back film.. it was ease when there still someone that know me, remember me even we're not see each other for a long time.. its been 7 years as i remember.. its long enough for me.. everyone looks different from before.. ha ha.. its sometimes it is funny when look at their photo's.. some of them look mature enough, others looks like baby face.. and also there are some make me sick to look at it.. but over all, i was thankful for the person who made this group.. he makes us gathered again.. even from different classes,but still from 1 school.. happening and cherish!
            back to the real story.. so, i met this guy.. i dont know how he looks or how he was.. just knew him.. one of my ex-school mate.. well, there nothing much to say about.. we were just talking about the past.. then about our life now.. he was studying somewhere that far far away from here.. taking a good course..he was nice person.. so far..hehe.. i think so.. it was really nice meeting him.. it had been almost a week i knew him.. it was fun talking 2 him.. no stress,relax and easy going.. sometimes i make him cleared me about something that bothered me about islam which he more excellent in it.. is it? excellent? is it suitable? think so.. :) so.. that is it! dont know what more 2 say even though there's still i want to say just dont know how.. so i decided to stop here.. right now while i'm writing in here, but i'm still chatting with him.. so.. keep up with the new one..

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