Thursday, November 18, 2010


       last night  i was chatting with him again.. as usual.. talked about our daily life.. sometimes filled with jokes.. it was fun! i'm really feel comfortable with him.. it was fun when provokes him.. until sometimes he'll get touching with it.. just cute! love doing that.. otherwise, he was a nice guy, he didn't mad or something to me..sometimes our jokes related to our feelings.. i'm scared but i didnt tell him.. from our earlier introduction, few days ago, i sence something that happen between us, but i'm just denied it, cause i dont want to feel that way.. and i thought our jokes are only jokes..i really hopes that he didnt take it seriously.. but then.. suddenly he ask me a question that makes me numb.. i.. really.. didnt expect this.. am i? then, when he heard my answer, he just then admit something..what am i gonna do???

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